Sail away on a chic French Polynesia yacht break

Friday, 25 May 2014 4:09 PM

If travelling between sun-drenched places on a luxury boat sounds like your idea of heaven, it's worth booking a yacht charter holiday in the South Pacific. Although this part of the world is littered with beautiful islands where you can relax, French Polynesia is a particularly exciting destination to visit.

Consisting of 118 isles spread out over 2 million sq miles of ocean, this exotic country is the perfect place for a luxury yacht break, partially because of its fantastic year-round weather. The months between September and May are when the climate is hottest and most humid, and while it is cooler in the summer, it is still extremely pleasant.

Another great thing about embarking on a chic vacation in this part of the world is that you can participate in a range of fantastic activities. Of course, the fact you're on a boating break means there's plenty of opportunity to go sailing, but there are lots of other things to keep you occupied upon mooring at one of French Polynesia's many islands.

Bora Bora

Although it measures just 38 sq km, Bora Bora is a wonderful destination that offers plenty for discerning holidaymakers. One thing that will certainly draw your interest is the turquoise lagoon, which is regarded as being among the most famous watercourses of its kind in the world.

The sea here is not only wonderfully clear, but also extremely shallow, making it an ideal place for swimming and snorkelling. If you're interested in the latter, all you need to do is a grab a mask and snorkel before wading into the water. Within a few minutes, you'll be swimming alongside schools of tropical fish and will get to see some amazing coral formations.

Don't worry if you're looking for something a little less active, as you can take a cruise on a glass-bottomed boat to see the local underwater wildlife or just relax on one of the many golden beaches and bask in the sunshine.

Whatever you choose to do during the day, you can unwind in the evening by tucking into a meal at one of the several gourmet restaurants. Alternatively, you could visit a spa to have a traditional Polynesian massage, you're bound to walk away feeling refreshed and revitalised.


Another destination well worth exploring is Taha'a. Also known as the vanilla island, due to the fact it accounts for more than 80 per cent of French Polynesia's production of the spice, this is the ideal place to reconnect with nature. Vanilla orchids are found all across the isle and by taking a plantation tour you'll not only learn more about how it is grown, but will also breathe in its wonderful fragrance.

If you'd rather spend time in the water, make sure you head to the nearby lagoon. This beautiful spot is a great place for snorkelling enthusiasts and once you've dived below the ocean's surface, you'll see a wide array of animals ranging from silver jacks and eels to perches and triggerfish. You can also have a go at kayaking and deep-sea fishing, before visiting a sea turtle preserve in the quiet coastal village of Haamene Bay to learn more about local conservation efforts for these majestic creatures.

Motu Ceran

Located south-east of Taha'a is Motu Ceran. This uninhabited island is the perfect destination if you want a slice of tropical paradise and enjoy some peace and quiet. Of course, the fact nobody lives here means that you'll need to bring your own food if you want to grab a bite to eat here.

Once you've moored up, step on to dry land with a picnic basket in hand and you can enjoy a spot of lunch while relaxing on one of the golden stretches of sand. You'll get to take in amazing views of the ocean as you eat too, and if you're in luck, you might catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming.

Like many of the other islands in French Polynesia, the island is a fantastic spot for swimming. As you paddle through the gorgeous clear waters, you will not only see stunning coral formations, but also exotic sea creatures, including barracudas and red snappers, so there's plenty to catch your interest.

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