Holiday James Bond-style - free helicopter transfer

Tuesday, 18 January 2013 7:55 AM

Holidaymakers looking for ultimate luxury will have the chance to arrive in style at the ultra-exclusive resort, Jade Mountain in St Lucia.

In February and March, the Caribbean resort is offering all guests staying for five nights a free helicopter transfer.

Ideal for jet-setters looking to make their holiday count the minute they step off the plane, the glamorous James Bond style arrival is the perfect start to any holiday.

The usual 45 minute transfer ride only takes five minutes in a helicopter and is normally priced at US$230 each way. The scenic transfer option offers extraordinary views of the island including the Pitons World Heritage Site.

Besides the free helicopter ride, tipped to be extremely popular during the coming months, visitors can also enjoy a seven-night holiday at Jade Mountain from £4,595 per person with Azure Collection. The package includes one week in a Star Infinity Pool Suite, BA World Traveller flights and the complimentary helicopter arrival transfer.

Enjoy a free night at the Jalouise Plantation, St Lucia

Enjoy a free night at the Jalouise Plantation, St Lucia

Guests can enjoy a special package including a free night at the Jalouise Plantation on the island of St Lucia with Forever Summer this year.

The world's most luxurious hotel bathrooms

Feature: World’s most luxurious hotel bathrooms

Bathrooms can sometimes be overlooked by perfect views, large four poster beds or elegant fireplaces; however more often than not, we find that sometimes bathrooms are the most important part of a hotel. Bathrooms can make or break your stay and if the bathroom is not just right, your holiday won’t be either. Lucky for those of us that love bathrooms, we’ve come up with a list of the world’s most luxurious ones.

Weddings on the beach are fabulous

Feature: Wedding ceremonies in paradise

A wedding ceremony is the most glorious day of your life; where you make vows that will last forever. While many couples opt for a traditional chapel service followed by a tropical honeymoon hideaway in paradise, why not have the service there too?

Enjoy a luxury holiday in St Lucia

Enjoy a luxury holiday in St Lucia

St Lucia has everything you could want from a luxury holiday, boasting beautiful beaches, top-quality food and year-round glorious weather. You can spend your entire break soaking up the sunshine or you could explore the Caribbean island more fully, uncovering its many treasures as you do so.

Travel in style by booking a limo transfer

Arrange stylish transport for your chic getaway

Whether you are planning on staying in a five-star hotel in Dubai, having a chic city break in New York's Upper East Side or going to an exclusive ski resort in the French Alps, you should ensure your transport arrangements are every bit as luxurious and stylish as the accommodation you book. Fortunately, there are many ways the discerning holidaymaker can go about doing this.

Enjoy more than just the beaches in St Lucia

Enjoy the best of the Chefs in St Lucia

Guests can enjoy all the offerings of top celebrity chefs at the Cap Maison resort in St Lucia. The Guest Chef series is just one reason to visit the luxury resort which also boasts panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, a luxury spa and a secluded beach.

Antigua is ideal for a luxury getaway

Where is best for a luxury holiday?

Destinations all over the world claim to offer the ultimate in luxury holidays, which can make it hard to narrow down your options when you're looking for an opulent getaway with plenty of pampering. One place that should be high on your list, though, is Antigua.

chocolate massage

Indulge at the Jade Mountain chocolate festival in St Lucia

Chocoholics rejoice as Jade Mountain in St Lucia is set to host its fourth annual festival devoted to cocoa based deliciousness next month.


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