A foodies' guide to Puerto Pollensa

Wednesday, 19 June 2015 8:08 AM

Majorcan cuisine, like most Spanish food, descends from traditional peasant recipes with plenty of olive oil and garlic to bring out the natural flavours of fresh seafood, meat dishes and locally-grown vegetables. Think hearty and healthy with a moreish aftertaste that leaves you wanting more.

The resort of Puerto Pollensa, on the north west coast of the island, is a great place to sample some authentic Majorcan delights, while on a chic and sophisticated holiday to Majorca. It may be one of the furthest destinations from the airport but the extra journey will reward you with plenty of opportunities for fine dining and sumptuous, traditional treats.

What's more, the resort is geographically diverse meaning there's something for everyone - walking off the beaten track in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, brilliant beaches to soak up the Spanish sunshine and of course, dining opportunities a plenty.

Remember though, the Spanish like to eat late so adjust your belly clock accordingly - many restaurants won't open their kitchens between 4pm and 8pm so if you feel peckish in the early evening, it's best to stock up on snacks to keep you going until dinner.

What to eat

Majorcan cuisine is typically Mediterranean and there are plenty of different dishes to wrap your tastebuds around.

  • Sopa mallorquinas - this traditional island dish made with fine slices of bread and vegetables has a smoky paprika flavour and is definitely worth seeking out for its unique flavour.
  • Tumbet - a wonderful feast of vegetables, this is a typical summer accompaniment and is made from finely sliced potatoes, aubergines and peppers covered in tomato sauce; it's a Majorcan twist on ratatouille.
  • Sobrasada - similar to chorizo and packed full of paprika to give it a deep red colour, it's made from minced pork meat and is incredibly versatile. It's used in soups, stews and  salads, but it's flavour can really be appreciated when eaten with fresh bread.
  • Calamars farcits - of course, you can't visit the island without sampling some super-fresh fish and seafood straight out of the Med. Grilled simply is a wonderful way to really taste the flavours but other Majorcan specialities include clamars farcits, or squid stuffed with meat.
  • Ensaimada - Spain in general is not big on desserts but lovely sweet pastries and confectionery can be found and ensaimada is a Majorcan delicacy. This spiral shaped soft bun is referred to as the "lightest, airiest and most delicate pastry in the country".

Where to eat

There's no shortage of places to eat and drink in Puerto Pollensa - in fact, there are well over 100 bars and cafes in the resort area alone.

- On a little jetty jutting into the bay, Stay Restaurant is a great place to sample some traditional cuisine. The smart, sophisticated restaurant specialises in seafood and has so much to choose from, even the fussiest eater will be happy.

- The chef at Restaurante Jardin is known as one of the most technically able on the whole island - for fine Majorcan dining, you can't go wrong here.

- Trio Restaurant is a big hit with locals and tourists alike - with a good selection of authentic fish and meat dishes many would even go as far as saying a trip to Puerto Pollensa wouldn't be complete without an evening here.

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