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To get luxury holiday news and ideas by RSS from aspireholidays.co.uk you can either choose to get all news by clicking on one of the icons next to Headlines, or news from one or more channels by clicking on one of the icons next to the channel of your choice.

RSS, Really Simple Syndication, allows you to get news from several different sources delivered to one place as and when it is published. By using RSS you will no longer need to browse your favourite news websites for daily updates. Instead the news, and only the news - you will not receive spam – will appear at a destination chosen by you in a way that is fully customisable. You can choose the type of news you want and the news providers from which you wish to receive it. Just look out for the orange RSS or XML icon, which will be displayed on RSS compatible websites.


Before you are able to get news by RSS, you need to an RSS newsreader. There are two different types:
i) Web-based RSS readers - These work in a web browser and have the advantage that you can log into them from any computer. Yahoo!, AOL and Google are among the companies offering them.
ii) Application-based RSS readers – These are pieces of software that can be downloaded onto your computer.

Once you have a reader…

Then it is a simple case of deciding what news you want to appear in it. If you have a web-based reader, look out for its logo on your favourite news websites – then all you will need to do is click on the logo to add it to your RSS reader. Web-based readers also tend to have a facility where you can input the url of the website that you would like to add, to test whether it offers RSS; if it does, it will be added to your news sources.

For application-based RSS readers, look out for the orange RSS button. If you like what you see, click on it to return the RSS feed. Then either drag or cut and paste the url into your reader.


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