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Thursday, 7 July 2013 11:22 AM

As a country eleven times bigger than the UK, Australia understandably abounds in natural wonders. Top this off with fantastic cosmopolitan cities, a beautiful coastline and a gourmet dining scene, and you have an incredible honeymoon destination. One day you could be sipping coffee in multicultural Melbourne and a few days later hiking through bush and over red rock in the likes of Kakadu National Park. Incredible rainforests exists in the north, huge swathes of red desert lie in the middle, and all around the coast, sandy beaches sit in front of blue seas that take your breath away! Due to a national love for the land, eco-resorts abound; so we’ve been inspired to bring you our guide to the most unique honeymoon ideas on the biggest island in the world...

Whitsunday Islands
The unique and beautiful Whitsunday Islands are a collection of submerged mountains in the Great Barrier Reef. Forested hills rise out of the sea while different shades of blue water mix as in an oil painting. The best way to see this stunning area is on one of the many boat and yacht charters available in the area. One of the most luxurious is the Whitsundays Magic, a black, three masted sailing vessel crafted in Turkey. Looking like an old fashioned galleon, it’s perfect for a romantic holiday. Sailing Whitsunday offers a six night live aboard cruise, dining on gourmet food and revelling in the breathtaking scenery all around. You’ll even have a porter to attend to your every need...

Barossa Valley
South Australia’s Barossa Valley is a picturesque region of historic wineries and rolling hillsides dotted with vineyards. It’s an area of beautiful wine and fine food, stone churches and alternative breweries. This green and pleasant land is a perfect place to lose yourself in scenic settings, cycling from one vineyard to the next, taking tours and tasting fresh tipples. For a base, The Novotel Barossa Valley Resort has spacious, elegant rooms overlooking the yellow plains and green hills of the area. There’s a golf course and gym alongside a fantastic swimming pool, while bicycles are available for exploring. If you want to visit the vineyards, Barossa Epicurean Tours are a good choice.

Best of all worlds
For a one of a kind trip seeing three very different parts of this vast country, consider booking the 14 day, three part trip offered by Bridge and Wickers. Starting off in Sydney you’ll stay in the luxurious Park Hyatt right on the edge of the Harbour with the iconic Opera House nearby. You’ll tour the city before hiking the majestic Blue Mountains and sipping wine in the Hunter Valley. After five days you’ll fly to the centre of the country for a stay in an African inspired safari lodge near the majestic ancient Ayer’s Rock – one of the oldest geological formations in the world. Then you’ll relax on the Great Barrier Reef’s fine white beaches in Cairns and Lizard Island. For the latter, imagine a combination of an underwater paradise mixed with miles of national park, and you have an island escape that’s hard to match.

Byron Bay
Australia’s easternmost destination is an ideal place for a honeymoon. With abundant sunshine, pristine beaches and an alternative lifestyle culture, this is a place to get away from it all. Enjoy the range of activities on offer, from beach lounging and rainforest trekking to kayaking and fishing. You won’t be bored here! The intimate and secluded Rae’s on Watego’s is a pink coloured boutique hotel specialising in romance. With access to the beach over a grassy promontory, there’s an eastern influenced spa and a fantastic al fresco restaurant overlooking the sea. With only seven rooms in the hotel you can be sure of a relaxing stay with deluxe, personal service in a very unique setting.

Kangaroo Island
Widely regarded as Australia’s Galapagos, brimming with diverse wildlife and natural beauty, Kangaroo Island, just a short hop from Adelaide, is a magical place. From rugged landscapes and a fascinating history to world class food and iconic wildlife, the island encapsulates everything great about Australia.

At the price of £1,200 a night, the Southern Ocean Lodge is an all-inclusive eco resort of delightful quality and unique features. Rooms with glass walled bathrooms, oval shaped baths, sunken lounges and private terraces all boast hypnotic views of the Southern Ocean. Set on a cliffside, a white sandy beach is minutes away. There’s an open bar and gourmet restaurant too. But the signature feature of the lodge is its tours and treks. With over 250 bird species, 891 plants and a species of bee found nowhere else, this 4,500 square kilometre wonderland is perfect for a honeymoon.

You won’t be disappointed with a honeymoon in Australia. There’s literally something for everyone.

eco-resorts make fab honeymoon destinations

Feature: Honeymoon breaks in an eco-resort

Eco-tourism is one of the fastest growing markets of the travel industry and a growing number of boutique hotels and luxury resorts are ensuring their practices keep the environment in mind. They are also brilliant for honeymoons.

Luxurious resorts in the heart of nature

Feature: Luxury resorts situated in nature reserves

Spanning acres of bushland, rainforest and coastline, the world’s most majestic landscapes lie peacefully untouched by man. Lions roam the desert, manta rays swim in the sea and tall wondrous mammals exist in some of the most pristine locations.

Eco lodges are both luxurious and fun

Feature: Luxury eco-resorts in the wild world

Our job at aspireholidays.co.uk is to find you the best, most luxurious places to visit on your holidays abroad. With the world being as populated and diverse as it is, sometimes it’s just nice to get away from it all.

Honeymoon ideas in Mauritius

Feature: Honeymoon ideas in Mauritius

Lying just off the East Coast of Madagascar is the glimmering island of Mauritius. Here Indian, French, and Creole culture intertwine with the colonial architecture of the bustling capital Port Louis. The people are friendly, the food is exquisite, and the landscapes vary from calm blue waters to rocky mountains and jungle forests. This island has a lot to offer, and is of course an idyllic honeymooning destination.

Honeymoon ideas in The Maldives

Feature: Honeymoon ideas in The Maldives

Lying in the Indian Ocean like a collection of shimmery blue jewels, the tropical atolls of the Maldives have long been attracting newlyweds to their calm shores. With the wedding season setting in, many couples are looking for the ideal honeymoon destination. But choices can be hard, especially with so many unspoilt tropical locations all across the world.

honeymoon couple enjoying the Bermuda sunshine

Feature: Honeymoon ideas in the balmy Bermuda sunshine

Never too hot, never too cold, boasting abundant sunshine, and blessed with shimmering pink beaches - Bermuda is a perfect destination for a honeymoon. Not too far away, but a place that feels like another world; one where you can gaze out in wonder.

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Feature: Best places to be and be seen in...Sydney

Sydney is sophisticated, sexy and stylish yet at the same time its relaxed, chilled and gives off that typically laidback Australian vibe. It’s a city where the rich and famous, surfers and beach bums seem to fuse together seamlessly.

Best honeymoon resorts: Lizard Island, Australia

Best honeymoon resorts: Lizard Island, Australia

Close your eyes and picture a haven of serene sugar sand beaches protected by luscious coves and a sea as clear as glass - this is Lizard Island. Consistently rated as one of the top ten hotels of the world, Australia’s northern most island resort is located right on the Great Barrier Reef and 240km off the coast of Cairns.


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