Enjoy a decadent Gran Canaria getaway

Tuesday, 23 April 2015 9:21 AM

If you're keen to get away from it all and embark on a holiday that enables you to soak up some sunshine, Gran Canaria is sure to be a dream destination for you. Coming here not only enables you to bask in the famous Spanish sun, but also to stay in luxurious accommodation and dine out at amazing restaurants.

Indeed, with the island having an annual average temperature of 22 degrees C you're certain to have the chance to take things easy and develop a glowing bronzed complexion that will be the envy of all your friends and family members back home.

Before you get too carried away dreaming about relaxing on a golden stretch of sand, however, you ought to make sure the various elements of your break offer nothing less than decadence. After all, it's all well and good to say that you want to go on a luxury holiday but if you don't put in the necessary amount of effort than you're unlikely to actually have one.

If you are particularly keen on having an opulent overseas getaway it's worth arranging the elements of your break independently, as opposed to booking a package deal. That way, you have the scope to book self-catering accommodation that offers the exact facilities you require.

Indeed, if you want something that is truly luxurious then you ought to consider renting a private holiday villa in Gran Canaria. Dozens of these high-end properties are situated all across the island, so there ought to be plenty of opportunity to find something that provides the amenities you desire. This could include a sun terrace, barbecue grill and heated swimming pool and, as opposed to staying in a hotel, you won't have to share them with other guests.

Many of Gran Canaria's luxury villas can be found in the south of the island, with several of these situated in the exclusive Salobre resort. Not only will you find a selection of amazing holiday homes from where you can soak up amazing views of the nearby mountains, but you can also play a round of golf at the onsite course.

Although relaxing in comfortable accommodation certainly ought to be one of your main priorities on a luxury break, it's by no means the only thing that you should do here. With Gran Canaria containing a wealth of fantastic attractions, it is also an ideal destination for those who like spending time getting acquainted with the history and culture of the places they visit on holiday.

Head to the Guanche settlement in Galdar and you can learn more about the island's first human settlements. These excavated ruins are the remains of a city constructed by the native Guanche people, so provide a terrific insight into what life here was like thousands of years ago. Guided tours of the site can be arranged in advance, where a local expert will show you around and inform you more about the ancient architecture that is situated here.

The Canarian Museum is also a brilliant place in which to gain a glimpse into the island's heritage while on a luxury holiday. Located in the historic Vegueta region of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, this institution contains the most complete archaeological collection in the entire Canary Islands. Among the items displayed here are ceramic bowls, wooden tools and various objects made from animal skin.

Marbella is the perfect shopping destination

Enjoy chic shopping in Marbella

Marbella has long been a popular spot for holidaymakers seeking a chic break where they can relax in the sun. It is also, however, a fantastic place for those wanting to do some shopping. Whether you're hoping to pick up some souvenirs for loved ones or buy yourself a whole new wardrobe, there is plenty of scope to splash some cash.

Enjoy skiing on a luxury Spain holiday

Enjoy luxurious Pyrenees skiing holidays

For luxurious active holidays, there is perhaps nowhere quite like the Pyrenees. By taking a winter sports break in this region of northern Spain and not only will you get the chance to ski and snowboard at some of the best resorts in Europe, but also enjoy first-rate accommodation situated in a wonderful rural setting.

Hvar has a beautiful coastline to explore

Croatia's best island holiday destinations

If you keep up with the latest holiday trends, you are sure to be aware that Croatia is the place to go for an upmarket break in the sun. Most tourists choose the historic city of Dubrovnik, but if you would prefer not to follow the crowd, you should take a look at what the country's islands have to offer.

Head to Andalucia for a luxury golf break

Enjoy great golf in Andalucia

Spain has been a popular destination among Britons seeking chic holidays for many years and when you consider it has pleasant weather virtually all year round and a wealth of high-end tourist facilities, it is not too hard to see why. Those, however, who want to incorporate some sport into a getaway ought to head to Andalucia, as you will find dozens of world-class golf courses.

Wine and dine on Croatia's sumptuous cuisine

Wine and dine on Croatia's sumptuous cuisine

If you're looking for a way to spoil yourself, you could book a villa in Croatia for a gourmet holiday. The cuisine here draws upon a range of influences and is simply delicious. You can cook it for yourself in your holiday home or try it at a restaurant.

Consider Spain's most popular islands for a chic break

Consider Spain's most popular islands for a chic break

Jetting off on holidays to Spain is the ideal way to pamper yourself with a week or more spent relaxing in style. However, for a particularly chic getaway, you should consider visiting one of the country's popular islands for your break, such as Tenerife or Lanzarote.

Salzburg is packed with history and culture

Top things to see and do in Salzburg

If you are thinking about booking holiday chalets and apartments in Austria for your next break, you may well be planning to stay in Vienna. However, before making a final decision, make sure you take a look at what Salzburg has to offer.

Get off the beaten track in Croatia

Get off the beaten track in Croatia

Booking villa holidays in Croatia promises you the opportunity to have an incredibly chic and sophisticated getaway. You can spend your days walking in stunning countryside, visiting romantic castles and even sailing - the ultimate luxurious pastime.


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